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  1. kevman / Howdy!Usually work flow will be based on what you’re planning to do with it.For instance, if its for gaming or BG distant terrain (ie. say you’re animating a “fly over” looking down) then you can get away with low-poly terrain and use Normal Maps generated from WM. You can also use other maps generated from WM for texturing as well…If its for more close-up stuff, you can use a subd plane and displace it with the WM height maps. Note that LW appears to support 16 bit TIF files, but not other 16-bit formats – that’s kinda important if you want the smooth gradients vs. stepping effect.Adaptive Subd in LW can help with giving you optimal subpatch density based on distance from the camera. The only issue I run into with SubD planes is processing – A physical model that doesn’t need displacement – if your system doesn’t mind dense meshes – is a faster option.I would say the one thing to consider is procedural texturing – export out the flow, wear maps if you want something to drive your textures with. The only problem with image maps from WM is that they are planar projected. This doesn’t really work when you get steep terrain as the textures stretch (as you’d expect). You could unwrap them somehow so that they were flattened out (PLG UV’s, or LW11.5′s ABS) and then bake the planar maps to the UV’s so you can “fix” them up in Photoshop… Lots of work.This response could go on and on, so I’ll try and get something together and put it up on my Youtube channel at some stage. Unfortunately I’ve been tied up the last few weeks with work so haven’t had a lot of spare time…

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